Photographs of my iMacquarium
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Moof! The Betta
Monster iMacquarium
Monster iMacquarium #2

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Clarus The Ghost Shrimp
Moof! The Betta #2

June 2005: Moof! and his Minnow Friend Clarus

Photographs of other people's iMacquaria
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Nobue Hagiwara writes:

I finally caved and used a store aquarium that fit inside of the iMac perfectly instead of messing with the acrylic pieces of tank that i was having an impossible time gluing together. This tank has a divider. I put a betta on one side of the divider and tetras on the other side of the divider. To my much disgruntled surprise, the tetras squeezed through the holes of the dividers to where the betta is. But i read the freshwater fish compatibility that they can coexist usually.
One from Sweden:

A sweet looking Bondi is home for some neon tetras.
Nancy Spoolman's MacFlipper in a pretty pink iMacquarium:

I notice on your iMac that you left the front gray piece attached. I just lift off the cover and it works slick. MacFlipper is not afraid of it, it seems. He rarely cowers and goes to the bottom except when I put the fish net in, he doesn't like that. Otherwise, he comes right up to the front of the tank when anyone is in there. Even the cats. It's almost as if he is teasing them.

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